Purpose Statement

In the fall of 1970, a group of pastors, Christian business leaders, and educators joined together and committed to the Lord to create a Greater Cincinnati High School. Then, in the fall of 1971, TriCounty Assembly of God committed to the Lord to open a Christian elementary school. Those two merged in 1975, creating Tri County Christian Schools. This arrangement continued until 1993, when the church and school mutually agreed to become independent of each other. Cincinnati Christian Schools, Inc. (CCS) was formed to run the elementary and secondary schools, now governed by a biblically based, non-denominational Board of Directors.

We partner with Christian families to provide a Bible-centered, quality educational program to equip, train, and disciple students to follow Christ and impact culture. Our curriculum focuses on preparing and motivating students to thrive and make positive and impactful differences in our continually changing world by demonstrating God’s love for all. CCS is accredited by three different agencies: The Ohio Department of Education (ODE), AdvancED, and The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).