School Board

Purpose and Functions

The Cincinnati Christian Schools (CCS) board is responsible for protecting and furthering the mission of CCS, establishing the vision, and insuring the long-term viability, growth, and stability of our school.

The school board governs CCS as servant leaders of our Lord Jesus Christ, through a cooperative, collegial relationship with the superintendent, based on mutual trust and respect, ensuring accountability and unity. The superintendent, under the governing direction of the board and within policy guidelines established by the board, leads and manages the CCS staff and faculty on a daily basis to achieve excellence in every endeavor.

The Mission of Cincinnati Christian Schools: Cincinnati Christian Schools, partnering with Christian families, provides a Bible-centered, quality educational program to equip, train, and disciple students to follow Christ and impact culture.

Connecting with the School Board

Should you have a specific question or issue that you would like the board to address, please note the following:

  • For Ideas: The board requests that you contact the appropriate principal with your idea or requests. If board input is required/needed, then the principal (and/or superintendent) will seek that information appropriately.
  • For Issues: The board requests that you follow the Matthew 18 principle of first working directly with those involved to earnestly seek resolution to your issue before elevating it to the next level, including one’s direct supervisor, or in the case of a non-staff member, the principal, and then the superintendent. Challenging issues should only be brought to the board when attempts to resolve them with those more directly involved have failed.
  • If attempts at resolution are unsuccessful, simply, email your question/issue or issue to the board chairman. The board will review your request and respond in a timely manner.

School Board Members

Mr. Brian Marcum, Chairman


Wife: Michelle

Children: Samantha (CCS ’20), Hannah (CCS ’21), & Abigail (CCS ’24)

Education: Bachelors in Business Administration, University of Cincinnati

Profession: Chief Executive Officer, Golden Technology, Inc.

Strengths Brian brings to the board: Brian has been a business executive leader for many years. His marketing and business background assists the school with marketing, growth, and development. His primary objective is to share the fantastic CCS experience with as many families as possible in the Cincinnati area. Brian is also interested in the care and nurturing of the CCS alumni and those who love and have a passion for our great school.

In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family, get outdoors, and play an active role in his church.

Personal testimony: I grew up in a great family with two amazing parents who loved God and loved us. Church and family were instilled as two great pillars of a good life. However, it wasn’t till shortly after college that I took a personal relationship with Jesus seriously. Shortly after graduating from college, while living in California, I learned what it meant to be a true disciple of Jesus and not just a believer.

This core awakening has challenged me every day to be a better person, put others first, and learn to forgive myself. As I mature in my faith, I realize how much more I must learn. The peace that comes from a true relationship with the Creator of the universe is what gets me through a hectic life, and that peace is a guiding light while I try to guide and lead my family.

My primary goal in life is to hear at the end, “Well done.”

Mr. Steve Barr, Vice Chair


Wife: Jackie

Children: Alec (CCS ’20), Lauren (CCS ’22), Ethan (CCS ’24), & Emmerson (CCS ’28)

Education: Valley Christian School, Spokane, Washington; B.A. Business Administration and Industrial Marketing, Cedarville University

Profession: Public Cloud Security Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks

Strengths Steve brings the board: Steve eagerly serves CCS as a member of the school board. He has been active with students as a Cub Scout leader, coaching basketball and track, and helping with Sunday school classes at church. Throughout his career, Steve has become a strong decision maker, strategic thinker, and outcome-based planner. Steve looks forward to applying these skills to shape the future of CCS.

Personal testimony: I was fortunate to grow up in a Christian household. My parents were both saved after they were married and then made a commitment to Christian education for my sisters and me. I asked the Lord into my heart at seven years of age on a Sunday night, after church. At the time I accepted Christ, my conversion was based on obedience. It wasn’t until high school and college that I experienced God’s grace through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It has been fun to look back over my life and marriage and see how God has continually revealed his hand of providence in every aspect of life.

Mrs. Melissa Bertram


Husband: Jon

Children: Alex (CCS ’21), Jenny (CCS ’24), & Katie (CCS ’24)

Education: B.A. in Communications, Florida Atlantic University

Profession: Advertising, Marketing, Video/Commercial Producer

Strengths Melissa brings to the board: Melissa and her husband worked with youth in the church for many years and know how important a Christian foundation is for kids. She brings a strong marketing and branding background to the board, and feels this experience will help CCS continue moving forward.

In Melissa’s spare time she enjoys reading, taking walks with Jon and their dog, women’s Bible studies, and watching her kids play sports.

Personal testimony: While growing up, my family moved every couple of years for my dad’s job, so needless to say, we switched churches often. I was baptized when I was born and then again in junior high when I made the decision to dedicate my life to Jesus. I remember being at church two to three times a week and just how filled with joy I was. After Jon and I were married, we became active in a local church and worked with youth for over 10 years. I feel God placed us with those amazing teenagers and taught us how to love unconditionally. I have been part of many mission trips to New Orleans (Katrina clean up), Washington D.C., Mexico, Henderson Settlement, and The Happy Church (both in Kentucky). We enjoy spending time pouring the love of Jesus into others.

Mr. Roger Brown

Serving on the School Board since 2016

Wife: Angie

Children: Maggie (CCS ’19), Megan (CCS ’22), & Drew (CCS ’24)

Education: B.S. in Actuarial Science, Purdue University

Profession: Chief Operating Officer at The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company

Strengths Roger brings to the board: A Fairfield native, Roger’s biggest strength is his desire to serve. Roger was in the Army and achieved the rank of Captain before leaving active duty and beginning his career with Cincinnati Life, which is a subsidiary of the Cincinnati Insurance Companies and Cincinnati Financial. Roger achieved the designation of Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and is a member of the American Academy of Actuaries. His organizational and analytical skills compliment his desire to help others achieve their best. Roger’s passion for helping children grow spiritually is evident in his involvement with Upward Sports, the world’s largest Christian youth sports provider. He started and headed up a soccer program for five years, he ran a basketball league for two years, and has coached various Upward teams for more than eight years.

Personal testimony: I was raised in a Christian home and asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior after attending a summer church camp while I was in elementary school. My relationship with God matured as I matured. I was recalled to active duty in the Army in 2003. When I returned to my family, I began to feel a calling to actively serve God. My first real leap of faith in godly service was as an assistant Upward flag football coach in 2008. In addition to my Upward career, I have served for several years in the tech booth for our church’s children’s service and have attended multiple summer mission trips with our church’s youth. I look forward to continuing my service to Christ while my kids attend CCS. Angie and I (and our kids!) feel incredibly blessed to have a Christian school like CCS so close to home.


Wife: Judith

Children: Sean (CCS ’34) & Annabelle (CCS ’36)

Education: Bachelor in Business Administration (Finance), University of Georgia; Masters of Christian Education, Dallas Theological Seminary; Doctorate of Educational Ministry, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Profession: Lead Executive Pastor, Center Pointe Christian Church

Strengths Ben brings to the board: Ben has held various leadership roles in churches including Grace Baptist which is the parent organization of Grace Baptist Academy in Chattanooga. His background in nonprofits, church, and educational leadership serves CCS, particularly in the areas of finance, facilities, organizational structure, and vision. The community feel of CCS drew his family to the school and he desires to help the school grow without losing the connections. In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family, hitting the trails on foot, on a bike, or in the Jeep, watching UGA football, and just about anything involving fast cars.

Personal testimony: I was blessed to be raised by Christian parents. At a young age during our Good Friday reading, I realized Jesus’ atonement was meant for my sin and I wanted to be with him eternally, so I told my parents who led me to trust Jesus for salvation. Certainly, life has been a process of sanctification with plenty of rebellious times, but I could never be comfortable walking in sin because the Holy Spirit indwells me! Through Scripture and many great influences throughout my life, he has continued his work on me. Part of the work was the call to ministry which became firmer as a high school student during a prayer conference. Since then, through mentors, education, and experience, God has honed me for his plans for my life and helped me understand more about where I fit in his plans.


Husband: Michael

Children: Carter (CCS ’29), Chase (CCS ’29), Brooke (CCS ’34)

Education: B.A. Business Administration, Mount Vernon Nazarene University; MSE School Counseling, University of Dayton

Profession: Homemaker/Previous Teacher

Strengths Paige brings to the board: Paige spent ten years in education before staying home full time. She has also been serving on Christian leadership boards for the past seven years and is the Women’s Ministry Director at her church. This background, along with helping in various opportunities at the school, offers experience and insight into serving the CCS community and helping the school follow the mission of equipping young people to follow Christ and impact the culture around them.

Personal testimony: I was not originally raised in a Christian home (that changed later on). However, through God’s grace, I started attending church with extended family, and one Sunday, at the age of ten, I prayed for the forgiveness of my sins. Throughout my teenage and young adult years, my Christian walk was inconsistent. After going through the very difficult trial of infertility in early marriage, God’s grace found me yet again. I rededicated my life to the Lord, repenting of all my sin and rebellion and solidifying my relationship with him. I am so thankful for the transforming work he did in my life and continues to do as I daily walk with him.


Husband: Nathan

Children: Daniel (CCS ’31) & Edith (CCS ’35)

Education: Bachelor in Early Childhood Education and Special Education, Wittenberg University. Masters in Teacher Leadership, Wright State University. LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) Trained, American College of Education.

Profession:  First-grade teacher

Strengths Sara brings to the board: Sara has been teaching for over 20 years and has a vast knowledge of curriculum, behavior supports, and interventions. Most of Sara’s professional career has been in special education, serving families and children who are dealing with disabilities that impact their learning. She now teaches at Deer Park Community School District as a first-grade classroom teacher, staying updated on research and science regarding education, especially in the areas of reading and math. Sara hopes to bring a Bible-focused and highly competitive education to all CCS students so that they can enter higher education, the work world, or as a homemaker, being centered in Christ and able to reach their fullest potential.

Whenever Sara has a day off from her teaching job, she can be found at her own children’s school, volunteering and hanging out with the children God has blessed her to lead. Sara loves to cook and garden. Sara is very passionate about children and yearns to serve them in a holistic manner.

Personal testimony: I was raised as an only child in a loving Christian home. My father was a political refugee from Lebanon, and my mother was a Cincinnati-born and raised girl. Growing up in rural Ohio and attending church every Sunday was an integral part of the foundation for my beliefs in family, country, and God. The earlier half of my life was tumultuous as a Christian. I believed wholeheartedly but didn’t always follow God. In my early twenties, my father became terminally ill. Soon after his passing, my mom became sick. My father’s passing of cancer was fast, but my mother’s was more than a decade-long battle. Having gone through this experience, I learned to lean into God and trust him more than myself. I am now able to witness about these principles to others. I also see God’s miracles and blessings clearer than I did before. I still stumble and admit my sins, but I strive to show God’s love daily to all people. Today, whenever I feel led astray by the enemy or my own free will, I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me through so that I am making the best decisions for God’s will, not mine.

Mr. Josh Monson

Serving on the school board since 2023

Wife: Tricia

Children: Jaelynn (CCS ’29), Madilynn (CCS ’31), Johnathan (CCS ’33), & Brooklynn

Education: BBA Operations Management & Business Analytics, and MBA, University of Cincinnati

Profession: Assistant Professor of Business & Economics, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College

Strengths Josh brings to the board: Josh is an ardent learner and educator, driven by a deep-rooted passion for selfless service. As a Marine Corps veteran, he wholeheartedly adopts the virtues of honor, courage, and commitment, and also holds a steadfast belief in their relevance to Christians. With his extensive leadership background in higher education, encompassing program management and his current role as a professor, Josh brings valuable insights into contemporary postsecondary education practices that greatly benefit the CCS community.

During his leisure time, you can often find Josh actively coaching one of the various youth sports teams that his children participate in. Additionally, he dedicates himself to serving his home church and cherishes moments of relaxation with his loved ones and friends at their family cabin in Peebles, Ohio.

Personal testimony: I grew up in an extremely fractured household where I witnessed domestic violence, alcoholism, and other indecent behaviors until I reached the age of nine. It was at that point when I found myself in a stable home, although one that did not actively engage in religious practices. At the age of 16, I crossed paths with my now-wife, Tricia (CCS class of ’05), who completely turned my life around. She demonstrated to me the importance of having both strong morals and a deep faith. Nevertheless, I must admit that I tend to be a slow learner. Throughout our years of marriage, I embraced our Christian faith, but it wasn’t until sometime after our third child was born that I truly developed a genuine relationship with Christ. Since then, I have redirected my life toward him and repented of all my past transgressions. I am immensely grateful to know Jesus and the transformative impact he has had on my life, enabling me to share his love with others.

Mr. Dave Musson


Wife: Shelley

Children: Benjamin (CCS ’14), Joshua (CCS ’17), Caleb (CCS ’19), David (CCS ’20), & Elizabeth (CCS ’25)

Education: Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology, Miami University; B.S. System Analysis specializing in Information Systems, Miami University

Profession: Owner of Musson’s Industrial Service, Inc., an instrumentation and process controls company

Strengths Dave brings to the board: Dave has spent many years serving his local church as a senior high youth sponsor and as a 4th grade Sunday school teacher. He has also managed a business for 16 years. His strength lies in Christ and Dave hopes that in this role, God will use him to glorify His work at CCS.

Personal testimony: I was raised in a Christian home from birth. At the age of eight I came to realize my sins and my need of a Savior. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and was baptized into Christ in 1973 at the New Burlington Church of Christ. In my early twenties, I found myself wondering if my belief in Christ was my parents’ or if it was truly my own. After many months of questioning my belief system, I came to the conclusion that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God.

Mrs. Rebekah Percy


Husband: Antoine

Children: Jalon (CCS ’19), Jolie (CCS ’24), & Jonas (CCS ’29)

Education: Cosmetology, International Academy of Hair Design

Profession: Hair Stylist at Benzie Salon

Strengths Bekah brings to the board: Bekah is a compassionate, community-oriented person with a heart for the CCS family. As a mother of three children who attend both the elementary and junior/senior high campuses, she is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the fundamental purposes of the school, as well as preparing for successful continuity and growth for the future. Her love of teaching, leading, and learning has been utilized in a variety of roles in her church and career. She values the importance of others’ opinions and actively seeks to achieve common goals and unification. It is her desire to promote the Christ-centered education and culture nurtured at CCS in order to impact our surrounding communities as we display Christ.

Personal testimony: Having been raised in a Christian home and brought up regularly attending church, I was familiar with the plan of salvation. Around the age of 10, while attending a church camp, I went forward during an invitation and repeated a simple sinner’s prayer. As time went on, it became clear to me that no real change of heart had taken place and I was not living the life God was calling me to live. When I was 19 years old, the Holy Spirit worked in my heart and convicted me of my rebellion against God. I repented of my sins and asked for God’s forgiveness. By His grace, I found rest and salvation through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. I then professed my faith and was baptized at my church. As I continue to grow spiritually in the knowledge of my Heavenly Father, I seek to honor Him through my actions and lead others to the peace and comfort that can only be found in Christ.