At CCS, we believe in a well-rounded curriculum that encourages a love for learning – academic learning melded with that of God’s Word!

We believe that the Word of God is for all ages and offer Bible lessons as well as teach a simple memory verse every week. This helps instill a love of scripture and appreciation for God’s Word.

We prepare your child for academic success. Our curriculum is designed to make learning fun and engaging while developing the reading and math skills your child will need in the years to come.

The World of Wonders curriculum from McGraw Hill Education builds a strong foundation for early literacy and provides developmentally appropriate instruction for early learners. Thematic Units provide a variety of learning activities, art projects, music, motor skills, and creative play. Each unit captures a child’s imagination and makes learning fun. Bible lessons include a weekly story and memory verse.

Most basic supplies, such as glue sticks, crayons, and markers, are provided.

Lunch is available for full-day preschoolers. Purchased or packed lunch options are available.

All CCS preschoolers will receive a nutritious snack during each session. Quality healthy food guidelines and individual dietary restrictions are closely followed.

Nap times are provided for afternoon sessions. Individual nap mats are provided and disinfected weekly.

CCS preschoolers must be potty trained, and all preschoolers will use bathrooms in our classrooms.