Please read below to learn more about the curriculum of the Elementary Campus.

  • Reading:
    • Grades 1–3: Houghton Mifflin. Houghton Mifflin exposes the students to a phonics-based curriculum that showcases good literature. The integrated curricular approach allows for the students to see the “reasons” for the reading/writing process. Reading, grammar, and spelling are integrated into this textbook series.
    • Grades 4–6: Shurley English. We also use trade novels that align with content areas (Social Studies or Science) as well as relevant non-fiction literature that aligns with state standards. To meet grammar requirements, we use the Shurley English program which helps students break down sentences by using a “sentence flow”.
  • Language Arts: Grades 1–6: Shurley English. Students learn the parts of language
    through the use of jingles.
  • Writing: Grades K–6 spend time creating a portfolio of required pieces. Students are taught writing techniques using the 4 square writing method and the 6 + 1 traits writing method.
  • Mathematics: Grades K–6: Houghton Mifflin
  • Science: Grades K–6: McGraw Hill
  • Social Studies: Grades K–6: SAVVAS
  • Bible:
    • Grades K–3: Purposeful Design (ACSI)
    • Grades 4–6: Positive Action