¡Bienvenidos a todos!

CCS students are introduced to the Spanish language starting in kindergarten!

The time spent in their 40-minute weekly class is educational and fun, and each child uses Spanish naturally in an environment that is tailored to his/her age group. Children play and learn at the same time! They are introduced to the language and culture through songs, games, storybooks, storytelling, music, and more so that students are immersed in the language effortlessly, all through the lens of Christian faith.

To continue learning outside of class time, students are often provided with optional online activities and homework. They are given the opportunity to make strides toward connecting with other cultures and people in Christian friendship and faith!

En la Biblia…

Apareció una multitud de todas las naciones, tribus, pueblos y lenguas…delante del trono de Dios. (Apocalipsis 7)

And there appeared a great multitude of all nations, tribes, people and languages… before the throne of God. (Revelation 7)

¡Dios les bendiga!