8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip

It is CCS tradition for each 8th grade class to take a week-long trip to our country’s capital each spring. It is a student-paid trip opportunity that is not a requirement. It is a historical tour of many D.C. sites, complete with a guided bus, during the entire trip. The Christian heritage of our country’s history is not ignored but highlighted during this guided experience.

As a special part of this trip each year, four CCS students are chosen to present the wreath at the Changing of the Guard. Special papers are written in 8th grade history class during the beginning of the school year, and teachers will choose the four students’ whose papers best reflect the spirit of that particular assignment.

The trip is coordinated and organized by one of our Junior/Senior High teachers, Mrs. Beverly Granger, who includes many fundraising opportunities for the students throughout the year to help pay for their trip. Parent chaperones are always needed for this trip. (Chaperones pay for their own trip as well.)

Communication about the trip begins in the spring of the previous school year, and trip pre-registration including a discount, takes place over the summer prior to the trip. Regular registration takes place at the beginning of the school year (usually the end of August and month of September), and payments begin immediately with full payment due by the January before the trip.

Our guidance department has a special D.C. Trip tab located on each 8th grade student’s PowerSchool that will have trip updates and information added to it regularly through the school year.

If you have any specific questions regarding any aspect of this field trip, including possibly serving as a chaperone, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Granger via email.

World Strides is our chosen tour guide company each year, and they speak very highly of our school. Our student groups have a history of being well-behaved and courteous learners. www.worldstrides.com