CCS Choir & Music

Worship through song is a timeless tradition. At CCS, we believe that students grow closer to the Lord through song.

Elementary Campus

General Music Program: Kindergarten through 4th grades – Students learn the fundamentals of music as a part of their curriculum; they sing, play instruments, learn music reading skills, and learn about music history.

Band or Choir: 5th and 6th grades – Students may choose to be in band or vocal music as part of their curriculum. They are taught the more technical aspects of playing an instrument or singing and the art of performance through participation in concerts, special events, and more. 

Elementary SELECT Choir: This vocal performance group is an after-school program that is open to students in the 3rd through 6th grades. SELECT Choir is a very popular extracurricular at CCS.

Elementary Campus performance opportunities include the Christmas Concert in December and the Spring Concert, usually in May. These two concerts are performed by all Elementary Campus choirs and music students and take place in the New Heights Church sanctuary. The SELECT Choir Concert is a performance for only the SELECT Choir group. It takes place at First Baptist Church of Fairfield.

Occasionally, the CCS Theatre Department at the JH/SH Campus has open tryouts for some elementary-aged students. This opportunity only occurs when the chosen play or musical requires younger actors.

Junior/Senior High Campus

Choir as an elective: Junior high students may take choir as an elective. Senior high students may choose to take choir toward fulfilling their Fine Arts graduation requirements.

Junior and senior high choir students have many opportunities to perform, including:

  • Veterans Day Assembly
  • Leading worship during CCS chapel services
  • CCS sporting events, including the fall Homecoming game
  • Leading worship at local venues, including Coffee Cup Overflowing (a Christian-owned store)
  • Christmas Choir Concert
  • Fall and/or Spring Theatre performances at the Fairfield Community Arts Center, Parrish Auditorium at Miami University Hamilton (More details about the Theatre Department performances are available here.)
  • Spring Choir Concert
  • Leading worship at local churches and youth groups