The Addams Family

A severed snapping hand, a man with a lit lightbulb in his mouth, a monotone “you rang?”, a husband kissing his wife’s arm, a woman with long, cascading, black hair, a little boy with a pet octopus, a little girl named after a day of the week. Sound familiar? These quirky elements are only a handful of the oddities and kooky characteristics of The Addams Family, a popular TV show in the 1960s. Although the characters in the show have disturbing and slightly macabre qualities, the spooky family stole the hearts of Americans and continues to live in cartoon and film revivals today. If their environment is so deathly and creepy, why then would CCS be performing a musical celebrating their anomalies?

The original Addams family, adapted from a 1930s newspaper cartoon, struck American audiences with a new onscreen representation of family. It’s been reviewed as, “A fantastic prototype for how the American family could or should be…a very healthy family that could be emulated.” The patriarch of the family is a doting father and adoring husband. His wife desires a loving husband and is fiercely maternal. Their children are respectful and polite. The members of the Addams family regard each other with unconditional love and warmth despite their dark hobbies. With incredible wit and elegance, generosity, and humility, Gomez and Morticia Addams are commendable parents who lead their family in a way that counters culture’s view of the home.

This musical depiction takes the iconic characters, quirks, and all, and puts them in a new scenario with music and lyrics true to the beloved themes and styles of The Addams Family.