Husband: Jon

Children: Alex (CCS ’21), Jenny (CCS ’24), & Katie (CCS ’24)

Education: B.A. in Communications, Florida Atlantic University

Profession: Advertising, Marketing, Video/Commercial Producer

Strengths Melissa brings to the board: Melissa and her husband worked with youth in the church for many years and know how important a Christian foundation is for kids. She brings a strong marketing and branding background to the board, and feels this experience will help CCS continue moving forward.

In Melissa’s spare time she enjoys reading, taking walks with Jon and their dog, women’s Bible studies, and watching her kids play sports.

Personal testimony: While growing up, my family moved every couple of years for my dad’s job, so needless to say, we switched churches often. I was baptized when I was born and then again in junior high when I made the decision to dedicate my life to Jesus. I remember being at church two to three times a week and just how filled with joy I was. After Jon and I were married, we became active in a local church and worked with youth for over 10 years. I feel God placed us with those amazing teenagers and taught us how to love unconditionally. I have been part of many mission trips to New Orleans (Katrina clean up), Washington D.C., Mexico, Henderson Settlement, and The Happy Church (both in Kentucky). We enjoy spending time pouring the love of Jesus into others.