Core Values


At Cincinnati Christian Schools, we love God. We believe that God loves us and we are called to love God and one another. We study the Bible and develop the spiritual lives of our students so that they know, love, and follow God now and for the rest of their lives. Our Christian faith is the cornerstone of everything we do. Grounded in our faith, we live as a community committed to Jesus Christ and the Gospel.


At Cincinnati Christian Schools, we love one another. We are a community of faith that is part of the family of God. We belong to one another, seek to love and honor one another, and recognize the dignity and value of one another. We are intentional about creating and maintaining healthy Christian community. CCS has a place for all our students to engage their school and broader communities, to be involved in the life and activities of the school alongside their peers, teachers, and coaches or sponsors.


At Cincinnati Christian Schools, we love learning. Our rigorous and diverse education prepares students of all abilities for life and service in the Kingdom of God wherever they land after CCS. Prepared for what’s next in holistic ways, our students are ready to take on the challenges they will face. A Bible-centered education grounds our students in a Christian worldview so they can be a presence for the Kingdom of God in the world now and in the future.