Community Groups

Student Leadership/Community Group Vision for CCS

Student leaders live and serve among, before and with peers, staff, and faculty at CCS. These students demonstrate Christ-like character, godly conduct, and righteous charisma which sets the example for others inspires peers, models integrity and garners a reputation of the highest caliber in all those who see them.

Function/Purpose of Community Groups

Community groups exist to identify and develop student leadership at CCS student-body wide. To equip and prepare student leaders to demonstrate Christ-like leadership, character, and lifestyle in a variety of contexts and scenarios in their present and future. Community groups work to successfully develop students in accordance with board directed student outcomes at CCS. Groups are student-led and organized (as best as is possible) by zip code/geography around Cincinnati. Student leaders are mentored to be more effective leaders and disciples of Christ Jesus. Each group functions like a small group with a unique culture and opportunities to grow, serve CCS, and serve the surrounding community.