Whistles, uniforms, straight lines, and seven pairs of shoes. This is what you can expect from the Family von Trapp. Well … at least for a little while, until certain melodious nun-in-training steps in to warm up those cold shoulders with a song and a smile. Maria Rainer is a young postulant whose head says she must stay in the abbey but whose heart says there is something more. She goes on a journey that is sure to change her life, all while praying that God will guide her steps according to His will. We see her heart bloom and grow while she learns to navigate many new things!

Although the staged version has been a bit dramatized, the von Trapp Family was very real, and their story lives on because of their courage in times of political strife. During this period of history, on the precipice of WWII, enemies were very easily made, and friendships were easily broken. It seemed as though there was nothing anyone could do and that there was no way to stop it. But some, who realized the incendiary nature of the conflict, stood up against it, and those who were able fled. The von Trapps refused to be darkened by hate, and what a beautiful, Christ-like lesson that is!