Standardized Testing Information

MAP® (Measures of Academic Progress®)

MMAP Testing (Measures of Academic Progress®) – Given three times a year to
grades K-6 in math, reading, and language arts. The MAP Testing will take the place of
Discovery Education Benchmark Assessments. MAP assessments “reveal precisely
which academic skills and concepts the student has acquired and what they are ready
to learn. MAP assessments are grade independent and adapt to each student’s
instructional level. MAP is a tool to help students, parents, and teachers identify
strengths and opportunities and focus instruction on the areas of greatest need.”

DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills)

DIBELS screening measures are given to CCS elementary students (grades
kindergarten through 6th) three times per school year. These screenings identify trends
and help our teachers identify student needs.

Please contact the elementary principal for further information.